Camps Bay Area Information

Camps Bay BeachCamps Bay is the playground of the rich, beautiful, and famous. Often one can spot Hollywood celebrities and royalty partying the night away in one of the many beach-front cafes and nightclubs. Turn your Cape Town holiday into a non-stop party and stay at a superb villa or apartment.

The bright blue of the azure sea with the tranquillity of Camps Bay during the day gentle yet captivating. Kick of your shoes and run through the pearly white sands of this stunning suburb, safe in the knowledge that you are in one of the most desirable areas around.


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Camps Bay


Walk the streets of Camps Bay and be amazed at what opportunity there is for you to be entertained. From theatre shows to a massage on the beach, this amazing suburb houses the most luxurious beach-front properties your money can buy. If you favour nightlife and entertainment, then accommodation in this Atlantic Seaboard suburb is for you.

Who goes there?

You will find everybody from families to trendy teenagers and adults to VIPs on this beautiful beach. Camps Bay is definitely the place to see and be seen on a bright summer's afternoon. The street cafes and bars are filled with the young and fun-loving, while accommodation here is at a premium during the summer seasons amongst the youthful populous. If you want to join in with this fun and frolicking, make sure to bring your swimming gear and enough sun block to last you a lifetime when you arrive in Camps Bay, it is doubtful you'd ever want to leave.

When to visit Camps Bay?

The water temperature in the bay of the suburb is around 10-15°C in the summer. Swimming in these waters during the winter is recommended only for the hardest of tourists as the water temperature drops considerably. The best moments to visit Camps Bay is during the summer months (November to April), but one should keep in mind that accommodation in this suburb is at a premium during these months, so book well in advance.

Close By Attractions

Camps Bay is the hub of all things trendy and happening, but if you wish to explore the area a little more then the city centre is only a five minute drive away. Here you will find a plethora of open air and covered markets, including the famous Greenmarket Square. Theatres, shops, and restaurants abound in this area.

Closer to the shore is the V&A Waterfront, a working harbour and a shopping emporium which will delight one and all. If you are travelling with children or are a lover of marine life, make sure you spend an afternoon in the award-winning Two Oceans Aquarium. From here you can also take a ferry ride to the sobering Robben Island museum, if history is your particular fancy.

Things to do near Camps Bay

    Chapman's Peak Drive: For the ultimate vistas of the Atlantic Ocean, the highly-recommended drive along Chapman's Peak is well worth the time. Just around the corner, this cliff-top road is a perfect way to see the scenery and ocean, and has many popular tourist stops along the way. Make sure to take your camera as you stop along the way the restaurants here tend to make the most of the views.
    Dizzy' Jazz Cafe: Sing or be sung to at Dizz's Jazz Café, whether you made the Idol's cut or not! The pizzas are legendary here, as is the alcohol, but whatever you come to Dizzy's for, taking the mike is a must!

Shopping in Camps Bay

Camps Bay has a number of classy shops and affordable outlets for everything from surf gear to boutique clothing. Sport and Surf offers designer surf gear, wetsuits, swimming costumes, and body boards. Don't miss out on Sinful, an ice-cream delicatessen for the soul.

Restaurants and Entertainment

Blues Restaurant is a stunning eatery which has been a firm favourite for many years. The rooms are sunny and it has a terrace with sweeping vistas of Camps Bay and the ocean. The restaurant serves Californian, Mediterranean and Cajun cuisine of outstanding quality. You can find Blues upstairs in the Promenade.

The aptly named Codfather is a sophisticated seafood restaurant offering a huge variety of foods. There is no menu in this restaurant as guests are invited to choose their own cut of the fish. This is then weighed and cooked as per the customer's preference. The ultra-trendy sushi bar, complete with conveyer belt, is situated next door. This is an excellent area for starters. The Codfather can be found on the first floor of Camps Bay corner in Geneva Drive.

Bar Caprice is arguably one of the hottest bars this side of Miami. The beachfront and pavement café attracts a trendy crowd, including young professionals, rich heirs and heiresses, celebrities, and even royalty during the summer months. Sipping cocktails at one of the outside tables is a firm favourite as you see and are seen, but if dancing the night away is your thing, the resident DJ plays a nightly session during the summer and over the weekend during the winter months. The bar opens at 9am sharp and shuts late.

Getting around

Public transport in Cape Town is of a very high standard. Trains and buses are regular and cheap, with the Cape Town station in the process of getting a complete revamp. If you prefer a more private method of transport, why not hire a luxury car rental or spend your holiday on a Harley?

Further a field

Take a trip to the Cape Winelands and enjoy the many products of these verdant vineyards, or spend a day at Robertson's Wine Farm during their Wacky Wine Festival – take the kids to this one!

No Cape Town holiday will be complete without a trip up Table Mountain. Catch the revolving cable car or be a little more adventurous and take a hike up the slopes. Be careful though, as this mountain is no little European hillock the weather changes on a pin head and, even though it might be warm and sunny at the foot of the mountain, the weather may be freezing cold and windy at the top. Ensure that you inform the Camps Bay accommodation you are staying at of your intentions.