Things to do

Someone once said, "When you're bored of London, you're bored of life". Today, the same can be said for Cape Town. You could spend a full year in this awesome city and visit a different site, or take part in a different activity, every single day and you still would not have seen and experienced everything Cape Town has to offer!

  • Air

    Air (14)

    From Sky Diving to Helicopter & Microlite Rides & Jet flights, we have got it all!

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  • Entertaintment

    Entertaintment (1)

    Interactive Drumming - Marimba Band - African Tribal Dancing - Percussion Band

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  • Land

    Land (36)

    From Abseiling to Car Racing Sand Boarding and Quad Biking, we have got it all!

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  • Water

    Water (24)

    From Shark Cage Diving to Boat Cruises, Fishing,Sufring we have got it all!

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