Book Cape Town Cancellation Policy

Please also refer to the Terms & Conditions of the supplier in question for their cancellation policies and procedures. Book Cape Town will supply you with these at confirmation.


All rates published on the Book Cape Town Web site are not guaranteed and subject to change without notice. We strongly recommend that you reconfirm rates and service expectations when making a booking.


Cancellation Policy

The provision of goods and services is subject to availability. Should you cancel your confirmed reservation/s for whatever reason, you shall be held liable for an administration fee applied by Book Cape Town to cover costs incurred in the course of your reservation.

This will be up to the amount of 10% of the total value of your reservation and will be deducted from your deposit. The same situation applies should the external provider cancel your booking or if inclement/unpleasant weather conditions make participation in the service reserved impossible. Should you fail to turn up for a reservation without informing us at least 48 hours in advance, you will not be entitled to a refund and will be held liable for the full outstanding amount.

In addition, you may be liable to pay further cancellation fees as per the policy of the external provider of the product or service. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the external provider in question for their cancellation policies and procedures. Book Cape Town will supply you with this upon request.

Please note that you will be subject to both Book Cape Town's and the supplier's cancellation fees and policies.

On cancellation you will be notified by email of the exact fee applicable.

We have a no tolerance policy

We merely facilitate the bookings and cannot be held liable for any changes/ cancellations done by the supplier. If you are unhappy with the alternatives given by the supplier, you are under no obligation to refuse the service and be refunded. Should you make use of the services and lodge a complaint with us afterward no refund will be given. Should there be grounds for a refund it must be taken up with the relevant supplier and only with BCT where applicable.

Any complaints regarding the standard and quality of the product or products bought by consumers through the e-commerce facility should be directed to Candice Petersen, Marketing Manager, 102 Earlgo Building, Park Street, Gardens, Cape Town or