Table View Area Information

Tableview or Table View is a west coast suburb of Cape Town, South Africa, named after its view of Table Mountain. It has expanded rapidly since the 1970s and has extensions such as Flamingo Vlei, Sunridge, West Riding and Killarney. Table View has various shopping malls such as, Bayside and Table View Mall. Table View's primary public schools are Table View Primary School and Table View High School.


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Table View's beach is located along the seafront road. It has a numerous parking spots, which is home to local entrepreneurs selling items such as carved animals.The beach stretches both north and south, making it a common place for long jogs or walks. On windy days one can see local people flying colored kites of different forms and sizes.

Table View Beach

Location: Along the seafront road of Table View towards Blouberg, the M14. There are numerous parking areas along the road where you can pull off and easily get onto the beach.

Surf Spot: Beach break works when the sandbanks are good but waves often lack form. Easterly winds for offshore conditions.

Things to bring: Sun cream, umbrella, towel, beach mat, cool drinks, carry bag, snacks, goggles & snorkel, dry clothes, a hat, bat & ball… and any other beach games.