Mercedes Sprinter 2.2LT Diesel, Manual M4BL (Maui)

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The above rates are quoted in ZAR including 15% VAT. Britz 4x4 Rentals Terms and Conditions of hire apply. Please refer to these T's & C's for additional charges.
FOR LONGER RENTALS PLEASE DEDUCT from the 28-49 day rate:

    50-74 days: Less 5%
    75-99 days: Less 10%
    100+ days: Less 15%

Depots (Vehicle collection & return)

South Africa: Johannesburg, Cape Town


As per the attached schedule – charges apply

Office Hours: Rental Locations

Monday to Friday: 08h00 – 16h30 (last handover at 15h00, last return at 16h00)
Saturday: 08h00 – 13h00 (last handover at 11h00, last return at 12h00)

After Hour surcharge applies at a cost of R500 per collection or return outside of the normal Office hours. After hour operations are as follows:

Saturday: 13h00 – 16h00
Sundays & Public Holidays 08h00 – 16h00

(Late returns will be charged on a per day basis)
All branches are closed 25 December (Christmas Day)


Vehicle handover will take approx. 2-3 hours, depending on the questions asked and client feedback. This involves a thorough explanation and demonstration of the vehicle and its equipment. Kindly note that signing the vehicle condition report is an acceptance of the condition of the vehicle. THRSA must be notified within 24 hours, should the renter experience any glitches, problems, malfunctions or discomfort. No consideration will be given to claims against such experiences, and no compensation or liability for lost time will be given, if issues are only reported on return of the vehicle. Rental days lost due to the renter collecting the vehicle after the agreed date of rental, will not be refunded.


When returning the vehicle, please set aside an hour for the vehicle and equipment to be checked. Although we request that the vehicle be returned with a full fuel tank, as a courtesy to the next renter our representatives will take the vehicle to our refuelling station to ensure that the vehicle is full. Should top-ups be required, the fuel amount will be deducted from the renter’s nominated credit card. Vehicles must be returned clean, in order for the vehicle check in to be done. Vehicles returned dirty will be charged a cleaning fee of R/N$1,000.00. Toilet cassette in the motorhomes must be emptied and cleaned or a cleaning fee of R/N$ 1,000-00 will be charged. Any vehicles returned later than the agreed return date, or outside of normal office hours (without prior arrangement), will be charged a full day’s rental. Rental days lost due to the renter returing the vehicle before the agreed date of return, will not be refunded.

 The company reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee of R/N$1500, 00 in the event that the rental vehicle is returned in an extremely dirty condition. The company at its sole discretion reserves the right to determine whether a vehicle is extremely dirty in a true and fair manner. An extremely dirty rental vehicle will include but not limited to when the rental vehicle/s possible damages cannot be assessed properly
 The renter knows and understands that no smoking in the rental vehicles are allowed, and that a fee of R/N$1500, 00 will be charged to remove any fumes or smells caused by smoking from the rental vehicle.
 The renter shall return any motorhome toilet cassette in a clean condition if applicable, failing of which the company reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee of R/N$1500.00


A valid EB or code 08 national or an ENGLISH international driver’s licence for vehicles less than 3500kg, is required.


The minimum age is 21 years and the maximum is 85 years.


For all rentals despatched from, departing and/or returning to our Johannesburg depot will be charged a fee of R500 per rental agreement. This fee will be included in your quotation when applicable. eToll tags are installed in all our vehicles. These tags are debited with gantry levies in Gauteng, and also open gates on debit at toll gates on the major roads in South Africa that bear the eToll logo.


THRSA offers 2 liability cover options, namely, Standard Cover & Super Cover. This cover is NOT a personal liability cover, but cover for damage to our vehicles and/or 3rd party property. Details below:

Standard Cover

This cover carries an excess of R/N$45,000.00 which is applicable in the event of any accident or damage to either our vehicle or third party property. This excess of R/N$45,000.00 is pre-authorised on the renter’s Visa or MasterCard credit card at the time of collection. Funds will only be deducted from this amount, should the renter return the vehicle in a damaged condition or for any 3rd party damage. If no claims exist, this excess is released within 21-30 working days from date of return, by the renter’s financial
institution. Standard Cover does not include repair to or replacement of tyres and windscreens.

Super Cover

A daily rate is charged per day as per your quotation/rental agreement detailed as SUP. This cover is a NO EXCESS cover and is applicable to the vehicle and third party property damage and includes the cost of replacing or repairing of windscreens and tyres (in South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland), radio theft and recovery costs. Super cover does not include repair to or replacement of tyres and windscreens for vehicles travelling to or through Namibia. A security deposit of R/N$ 5,000.00 is pre-authorised on the
renter’s Visa or MasterCard credit card at the time of collection to ensure that the vehicle is returned to the agreed location, on the agreed date, in a clean condition and no items are lost or damaged. This security deposit is fully refunded within 21-30 working days, after date of return, should all the terms and conditions be adhered to.


A handling fee of R/N$500.00 is charged on all damage/accident claims irrespective of the liability cover option taken.


Single vehicle accidents are included in all liability cover options, except in the case of roll-overs. In case of damage to the vehicle rented, the following will apply:

The incident:

All accidents must be reported to THRSA, and by law, to the Local Police within 24 hours. An AR (accident report) number from the police must be obtained at the time of reporting the incident. This proves that the accident has been registered. Failing to report accidents may void all liability cover and the renter becomes fully liable for all costs. We advise that you take as many photographs of the accident scene and also obtain the third party details. These can be recorded on the reverse side of the rental pack envelope
supplied to you on collection. We also suggest you take a photograph of the driver’s licences of the persons involved. An accident report which is provided in the RENTAL PACK, must also be completed. These documents and records of evidence will be submitted to THRSA in order to process the incident.

The vehicle:

The renter is responsible for the recovery of the damaged vehicle to the original rental branch depending on the liability cover option taken. A replacement vehicle will only be dispatched once payment of all damages / recovery costs to the first vehicle is made.
THRSA reserves the right to withhold a replacement vehicle; this does not entitle the client to any claims against THRSA.
If the renter requires a replacement vehicle to be delivered, charges will be levied according to the liability cover option taken on the rental.
If the renter is not able to take a replacement vehicle, no refunds for early termination of the contract will be made.
Should the renter continue with a replacement vehicle, this vehicle will be noted under the current rental contract and standard cover will be applicable. This includes a new R/NAM$ 45,000-00 pre-authorisation on the nominated credit card. Super Cover is not available on a replacement vehicle.
Should the applicable excess be charged, and should THRSA be successful in the reimbursement of that amount by the 3rd party, this amount will be refunded to the renter. This process could take up to three years.
This document contains the entire agreement between the renter and the Company, and neither party shall be bound by any undertakings, representations, warranties, promises, or the like not recorded herein. No variation, alteration, or addition to, or omission from this agreement is valid/binding, unless reduced to writing and signed by the renter and an authorized employee of
the company. Any clause which is declared unenforceable or invalid, for any reason whatsoever, by a competent Court, shall be severable from the remaining provisions of the agreement and shall not affect the validity of these provisions.
The Renter chooses the address stated on the face of the agreement as registered/legal address. The Company chooses its registered address of 17 Sim Rd, Pomona, Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa
This agreement will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa.
The company and the renter hereby agree and consent that this rental agreement will be governed and be enforced in terms of the applicable South African laws.
The renter and the company both consent to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court in terms of Section 45 of the Magistrate’s Court Act 32 or 1944, notwithstanding the subject matter or cause of action involved, or irrespective whether the claim may exceed the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s court.
In the event that the Company incurs expenses in recovering any monies due to it from the Renter or any other person arising from this agreement, the Renter will be liable for any costs and expenses incurred in doing so, on the attorney and own client scale, including but not limited to collection commission and tracing fees and necessary disbursements.
In terms of this agreement the renter and /or any authorized driver may be held jointly and severable liability towards the company towards all monies due and owing to it in terms of this agreement.

5 | P a g e
The Renter hereby consents and authorizes the Company or its nominated representative to undertake any enquiry the Company deems fit about the Renters credit and or criminal record