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Looking for the best Kitesurfing experience in Cape Town? Join Downhill Adventures for a lesson in the world’s fastest growing adventure activity. Also known as kiteboarding, this extreme sport is a guaranteed adrenaline rush!

We teach absolute beginners the basics of Kitesurfing.

Professional kitesurfers will:

  • Show you the correct way to handle the kite on the beach
  • Take you into the water to give you individual training
  • Make you confident and calm once you’re in the water
  • Prepare you for getting air high above the waves

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1 Day Kitesurfing Course - Departure : 10h00, 13h00 & 16h00

1 Day Kitesurfing Course - Kite Surfing Lessons (Dow)
Features Available

Half-Day Kitesurfing Course - Departure : 10h00, 13h00 & 16h00

Half-Day Kitesurfing Course - Kite Surfing Lessons (Dow)
Features Available

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Conditions in locations such as Langebaan Lagoon (West Coast) and Dolphin Beach (Cape Town) are ideal for learning how to kitesurf. Consistent wind, great waves and unbeatable scenery make these famous kitesurfing hotspots. In fact, many of the world’s professional kitesurfers come to train here. Come and experience it for yourself!


We now offer 1 or 2-day Kitesurfing courses at Langebaan Lagoon – just 90 minutes from Cape Town. It’s the perfect place to learn to kiteboard in the safety of the lagoon. This is your introduction to the fastest growing sport of the 21st century! It’s a fantastic sport both to practise and to learn. Once you experience the thrill of flying above water you will be hooked for life!

Half Day Kitesurfing Course - Learn the basics

This initial crash course in flying introduces you to all the different types of kites you can fly and use for kitesurfing. We’ll then show you the setup, safety features and basic flying and handling of specific kitesurfing kites. This includes pre-flight checks, the wind window, power zone and safety systems.

For those who are pressed for time, or want something closer to Cape Town, we offer Kitesurfing lessons on a modular basis. The kitesurfing is usually done at Dolphin Beach (Table View) where the prevailing South Easter blows perfect winds to learn how to kitesurf.

Our lessons are taught in 2-hour modules. We recommend 3 modules.

  • Kitesurfing Module 1: Theory and Kite Setup, Kite Piloting, Launching & Landing
  • Kitesurfing Module 2: Advanced Kitesurfing Skills & Body Dragging
  • Kitesurfing Module 3: Introduction to the Board

1 Day Kitesurfing Course

Your 1-day course provides all the fundamentals of kitesurfing. At the end of a 1 day kitesurfing course you will know all about Kitesurfing and how to do the basics safely. You’ll probably end up booking for the 2 day course – just to get your next fix! You will learn:

  • Body dragging
  • Kite relaunch and go
  • Water safety & work
  • Kite landing & launching
  • Pre-flight checks & setup
  • Deep water self rescues & pack down
  • Site assessment & underpinning knowledge

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