Sanbona Wildlife Reserve

Bergsig, Montagu
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-33.774769, 20.128149


Bergsig, Montagu


Sanbona Wildlife Reserve is situated approximately 3.5 hours drive from Cape Town. On commencement of one's journey, travel on the N1 from Cape Town in the direction of Paarl. Continuing on the N1, travel through the Huguenot Tunnel. A tollgate controls this tunnel. Alternatively, the scenic Du Toits Kloof Pass can be taken. The first town is Worcester set in the Breede River valley. Taking the second turnoff to the right off the N1 into the town itself and the interesting and quaint Route 62 or (R62) is taken. Follow the signs to the picturesque town of Robertson, synonymous with fine wines, fruit, roses and top horse breeding.

Once through Robertson, encountering farms stalls, wine farms and arts and craft shops along the way; the next town is Ashton. Travel on through the Montagu Pass and experience the most awe-inspiring rock formations. The historical town of Montagu, known for its hot springs is passed through. Continue for approximately 38 km and turn left at "Die Vlakte" and Sanbona Wildlife Reserve signs. Please be advised that the road changes from tar to gravel and the recommended speed limit from then on is 40 km per hour. The main entrance to Sanbona Wildlife Reseve is 7km where guests will be welcomed.